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The amount and duration of ejaculation differs from man to man. Today we will explain you how does ejaculation work.

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How does ejaculation work:

Q. A reader asks: “What happens when you ejaculate?”

A. Ejaculation is the release of semen from the urethra and penis, accompanied by orgasm. This release occurs as the final stage of male sexual stimulation.

The length and strength of ejaculation and the amount of semen that comes out varies from man to man.

First Stage- Emission: During emission the vas deferentia carries sperm away from the testicles, squeezing the sperm from the epididymis to the end of the ducts.

Second Stage- Ejaculation: The muscle at the base of a penis squeezes strongly. This forces semen to move from the ejaculatory ducts into the uretha and pushed along till it shoots out of his penis. Once the muscle starts squeezing, a guy can’t stop the semen from coming out. During an orgasm, man’s muscles will squeeze 10- 15 times.

In addition to these physical effects, areas of the brain that control pleasure and feeling are also activated, adding to the orgasm.

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